About Us


At MULTIFLEX we develop and produce high-performance multi-layer films that enable our customers to protect and preserve their products while maximizing production efficiency. 

Our expertise in the production of flexible barrier films has evolved continuously since our plant in Flensburg (Germany) was founded as Schurpack Multiflex - more than 30 years ago. Originally manufacturing a diverse array of products, our focus shifted to the process of co-extrusion, becoming a pioneer in the development of EVOH barrier films. After a change of name to Cryovac Multiflex, later Sealed Air, the specialisation in barrier films continued, contributing to innovative food packaging solutions. 

Today, our heritage combines the best of both worlds: the expertise, professionality and stability of a corporation and the flexibility of a medium-sized company. As part of the LOGO tape group, we continue this tradition. 

We care about keeping food fresh and safe. 

Our world is dominated by an excessive and avoidable food waste. In order to steer this development into another direction, we have made it our mission to produce barrier films that protect food-products and thereby minimizing food waste. 

Increase efficiency of your production processes

Lean production has come a long way since Henry Ford and especially in the automotive segment, efficiency is key. We know that and we can help you: our barrier films are engineered to withstand your toughest and most demanding processes, minimizing scrap and optimizing your production further. 

As your flexible and reliable partner

… we are dedicated to bringing value to your business, as we will always find a solution matching your needs. Our multi-layer films easily withstand the requirements of your and your customers’ applications and processes, as we combine experience and know-how with state-of-the-art technology. We always go the extra mile, regardless of the complexity and diversity of your business. 

We know that quality and service are important to your business. With MULTIFLEX you are guaranteed extraordinary quality, advanced production facilities, excellent customer service, resulting in reliable and just-in-time delivery.

Our company policy regarding our integrated management systems is available for download.



A Tradition of Quality

  • 2006

    Flensburg, Germany

    MULTIFLEX folien GmbH & Co. KG

    Takeover of Sealed Air Multiflex by the LOGO tape group

  • 1998

    Flensburg, Germany

    Sealed Air Multiflex

    Acquisition of Grace Multiflex by Sealed Air Corporation

  • 1994

    Flensburg, Germany

    Grace Multiflex GmbH

    Schurpack Multiflex is sold to Grace

  • 1989

    Flensburg, Germany

    Schurpack Multiflex GmbH

    The company is engaged in the product areas of coextrusion, laminating, slitting and bag making