For Suppliers

When sourcing our materials, our purchasing team works with partners around the world. We involve suppliers early on in development processes in order to work together on tomorrow's film technology.

The purchase of raw materials requires a lot of experience and intuition: Our buyers are constantly confronted with fluctuating prices and face regularly the challenge of weighing up innumerable influencing factors before making a purchase decision.

General Conditions of Purchase (AEB)


Sustainability in supplier management

Adhering to sustainability standards in the supply chain is an elementary factor in the value chain for us. Together with our suppliers, we want to act responsibly and resource-consciously, as well as create stable and long-term partnerships.

These principles, as well as others, are defined in the Code of Conduct of the LOGO tape group, which is the basic basis for cooperation with our suppliers.


Do you have questions about our procurement of raw materials? Please do not hesitate our purchasing department at +49 461 70016-19.