Großaufnahme des Lagers von MULTIFLEX folien mit meterhohen Regalen und einem Gabelstapler im Vordergrund.

Strategic Partnership

Contract Manufacturing

Has your in-house production capacity hit a bottleneck? Do you want to minimize your risks? Is the maintenance of your production lines pending? We can provide you with our know-how and production in the form of a reliable and transparent contract manufacturing partner. 

By outsourcing your own production, you can fully concentrate on important sources of innovation and growth, and target resources to those tasks your firm does best. Our years of experience in the production of multi-layer films, combined with our modern and high-performance production lines, enable us to flexibly respond to your and your customers’ specific requirements and to address any other issue that may come up. 

Quality is written in capital letters - our in-line quality inspection system combined with our well-implemented management systems according to ISO-norms, guarantee consistent high standards in regard to quality, environment, energy and hygiene. 

We adapt ourselves to your requirements, which is why we are happy to incorporate special or individual request – from the production of films to flexible storage options: 

  • Reliable 
  • Transparent
  • Flexible
  • Experienced 


As your flexible and reliable partner, we would like to assist you in the production of individual films for your applications. Layer by layer, let us convince you of the flexibility and quality of our multi-layer films. Just give us a call at +49 (0) 461 70016-0 or write us an e-mail at