Acoustic Adhesive Films

For the Vehicle Interior

These specially developed automotive films are used as high-quality adhesives and moisture barriers in fleece and mixed fiber laminates for various vehicle interior parts. 

The films do not only increase the stability of your product but also improve the acoustic properties. The excellent adhesive attributes allow you to laminate a wide variety of fiber structures during your production processes. 


  • Outstanding laminating properties
  • High barrier properties against gas and moisture
  • Excellent thermoformability 
  • Increases the stability of your products
  • Improves the acoustics of your products


  • PE/PA/PE and PE/PA/EVA
  • Thickness between 30 – 110 µm



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For the Vehicle Interior, Acoustic Adhesive Films

Acoustic Adhesive Films


  • For the vehicle interior as acoustic insulation
  • For the lamination of fiber composites e.g. in the bulkhead