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Flexible Films for Fluids

Form-Fill-Seal (FFS)

These high-performance automatic films are mainly used in the food industry for liquid and pumpable foods and are optimally suited for automatic further processing.

The film convinces with excellent sealing properties and immense durability.

In addition, the film has excellent barrier properties against water, vapour and gases, maintaining the high taste and aroma level of the products.

Furthermore, the films in this product segment are also suitable for freezing and pasteurisation. 


  • Specially designed for reliable packaging of liquid and pumpable foods
  • Excellent processability and seal strength
  • Protection against leakages and abrasions
  • Efficient barrier properties against water vapour and gas
  • Preserves the aroma


  • Product structure: PE/PA/PE
  • Thickness from 60 µm
  • Width and length are made to order



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Form-Fill-Seal (FFS), Flexible Films for Fluids

Flexible Films for Fluids


  • For FFS packaging of e.g. sauces, oils, dressings, herbal and spice mixtures