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Laminating Films for Flexible Packaging

Additional Barrier for Top Webs

Whether PP or any other tray material: Our laminating films are equipped with outstanding sealing properties for almost every tray.

The additional barrier ensures safe and hygienic protection, while optimally presenting the packaged goods. 

As part of the top web, our laminating film provides reliable inert gas packaging, thereby prolonging shelf life. 

Material properies regarding the barrier, optics and mechanics are tailored to your needs. 


  • Longer shelf life and freshness
  • Compatible with many tray materials
  • Excellent laminating properties
  • Barrier to gases and moisture
  • Optimum product presentation


  • Product structure: e.g. PE/EVOH/PE and PP/EVOH/PE 
  • Thickness from 25 µm
  • Middle and high barrier
  • Width and length are made to order
  • Wide sealing range



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  • Anti-Fog

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Additional Barrier for Top Webs, Laminating Films for Flexible Packaging

Laminating Films for Flexible Packaging


  • As an additional barrier of the top web for flexible packaging (e.g., boxes, trays, MAP packages) in the food industry
  • As tubular films or pouches
  • Suitable for freezing and microwave