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Barrier Liners for Trays

Additional Barrier for Trays

Our high-quality laminating films gives your trays an additional barrier against oxygen and moisture, while extending the shelf life of the food. 

Our laminating films can be used on PP, PS or PET trays, as well as other trays, as we offer film solutions adapted to your specific requirements. 


  • Adds a high oxygen and moisture barrier to your trays
  • Longer shelf life and freshness
  • Safe packaging and sealing of the seams
  • Excellent deformability and processability
  • Compatible with many tray materials, such as PS, PE or PET


  • Product Structure: PE/EVOH/PE, PP/EVOH/PE, PE/EVOH/PS
  • Thickness from 24 µm
  • Middle- and high barrier
  • Width and length are made to order
  • Wide sealing range



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Additional Barrier for Trays, Barrier Liners for Trays

Barrier Liners for Trays


  • As a barrier liner in the food industry for e.g. boxes, trays, MAP packaging, etc.
  • For an additional barrier