Barrier Films

For Back-Foamed Carpets

Our specially developed films for back-foamed carpets are the perfect solution for automotive carpets and other back-foamed products. They combine a variety of high-quality properties that make it possible for you to increase the speed of your production processes, and consequently save costs. 

The superior barrier and mechanical properties of the films guarantee excellent protection against polyurethane (PUR) foam – even in the most demanding environment with high temperatures and pressure.


  • Superior barrier properties against polyurethane (PUR) foam 
  • High melting points ensure excellent protection against bleed-throughs – even at high temperatures and high
  • Outstanding thermoforming properties and high resilience


  • PE/PA/PE and PE/PA/EVA
  • Thickness between 30-110 µm



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For Back-Foamed Carpets, Barrier Films

Barrier Films


  • Barrier in back-foamed carpets in the automotive industry
  • Other back-foamed products