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Thermoforming Ham Films

Thermoforming Film

In the production of our ham films, one thing is paramount: making ham production as efficient as possible for you. Therefore, in addition to a high thermoforming capacity, also a very high heat resistance and fantastic barrier properties are among the properties of our thermoforming ham films. 

Along with optimal sealing properties, cooking losses due to fluid loss will be minimized during your production processes.

Due to the product structure of the film, the protein does not stick to the film, but clings to the meat, without problems to loosen it from the film again. Moreover, the film impresses with its excellent gloss and clarity for optimal product presentation.


  • Specially developed for an efficient ham production
  • No cooking losses
  • Superior sealing properties
  • Excellent deformability and processability


  • Product structure: u.a. PA/EAA/EAA & PA/PA/EAA
  • Top and bottom films in different thicknesses
  • Upper film: 100 μm
  • Lower film: 200 μm
  • Width and length are made to order




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Thermoforming Film, Thermoforming Ham Films

Thermoforming Ham Films


  • For the production and packaging of cooked ham
  • Optimal use with all types of automatic thermoforming machines.